Cross merchandising is here to stay and at Gabriel Logan, we believe having strategies on hand in your retail space is the key to increasing sales and showcasing some of your most overlooked items to consumers. Cross merchandising actually happens when a store displays what seems to be unrelated items next to each other so that consumers can discover a relationship between the items. Cross merchandising is a great way of driving up your store’s sales by promoting impulse buying. Proper placement is all about the position and store location of the product. A product is placed in a way to where consumers can be compelled to buy them.  Though items may differ in a category entirely when sat next to each other for cross merchandising they become complementary.


For instance, during the winter, a store personnel might put marshmallows, mugs, and hot chocolate next to each other – maybe even a few mints or candy canes. The customer then mentally makes a connection that these products will be great for making hot chocolate and begins to stock up on the items although they may not have intended to shop for them.

Cross merchandising does a great job of attracting customer and can help customers to realize that they actually need an item. It also helps build customer loyalty and can give customers new and inspiring ideas they wouldn’t have had thought of with products. Lastly, it increases sales and ultimately makes the shopping experience more worthwhile whilst, encouraging them to buy more. Try it in your store or commercial space and see how it works!