Show off your students’ achievements

The first thing visitors often see when they walk into a school is the trophy case. Schools of all sizes and grade levels use displays to demonstrate students’ successes. Here is a series of questions to ask when considering purchasing new cases.

Are the current cases older than most of the teachers at school?

With heavy traffic traveling through schools, it’s common to find extreme wear and damage on wood trophy cases. Worn down fixtures not only diminish the glamour of the trophies inside, but also make hallways look aged and dirty.

New trophy cases made from quality materials and workmanship will immediately brighten your building and will last for many years to come.

Is there enough space to add trophies awarded in the future?

It may be time to invest in new trophy cases if the current cabinets are filled to the brim with trophies, ribbons and plaques. The extra space will allow the school to continue to demonstrate their students’ achievements without removing old awards that show your school’s history.

Are all areas of student achievement recognized?

Almost every school shows off sports trophies, but many neglect to display the educational awards their students win. This means schools’ displays don’t mirror their values. If sports trophies outweigh all others, consider adding fixtures to diversify your awards instead of removing sports trophies to make more room.

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