When choosing a retail manufacturer you should always be able to ensure that your investment is not only respected for the quality of your product but with the manufacturers who are servicing you. Having a good manufacturer and retailer relationship can allow for the best possible communication to bring your desired design to light without hassle. Having a great relationship with your manufacturer can also give you a more hands-on feel in the process of designing fixtures and more for your retail space. Your manufacturer should manage and nurture the relationship through conversing with proper communication, prompt replies to requests and questions about your project, selectively ensuring you are within budget, helping to select materials that suit your brand, and so much more.


Having a reliable manufacturer goes a long way and helps to take all of the ease off of the whole design process. Long-term business relationships with your manufacturer can also help to yield future savings, discounts, and more for repeat patronage. Many manufacturers may go the extra mile to offer dedicated retailers lowered prices, the latest material samples, new product exclusivity and more to showcase their dedication and honor the business of keeping a great relationship.

At Gabriel Logan we value all of our partners and retailers and would love to continue to grow with your brand. Call us today to ask about our manufacturing projects and how we can bring your ideas to life!