Spending a little time optimizing a store’s layout can result in big increases in profits. Follow these simple tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your space.

Make an entrance

Experts call the space directly inside your store’s doors the “decompression zone.” It’s important to give customers space to get a feel for your store without bombarding them with products. A professional, well organized display 10? – 15? back will show customers the quality and type of merchandise they can expect throughout your store. High quality nesting tables are perfect for a welcoming entranceway.

Guide their experience

It’s important to think about the path customers will take through your store. Freestanding fixtures are versatile pieces that keep inventory organized while guiding customers through the store.

Focus on designing a route that takes visitors past all of your products to maximize purchases. It’s crucial to match the layout to the type of merchandise. Rows of aisles work well for grocery stores were people walk up and down each aisle. Circular layouts have also been proven effective, especially taking into consideration the fact that most people turn right when entering a space.

Check out your checkout

Managers organizing store layouts and flow often overlook the most important part, the space where customers pay. Checkout counters should be clear of obstructions so visitors aren’t dissuaded from checking out. Also, counters should be large enough to lay down everything they want to purchase. A cluttered or unprofessional checkout counter can turn purchasers into browsers or create a bad impression as they leave your store.

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