Theft is bad for business, costing U.S. stores an average of over $32 billion a year in losses. But while everyone agrees that it is a strain on the bottom line, not everyone knows how to prevent it. Follow these tips to help minimize theft in your store.

1. Invest in Loss Prevention Technology

In addition to deterring would be criminals, loss prevention technology can aid in catching and prosecuting thieves. Consider placing security cameras at entrances and exits, as well as over aisles and hard to see locations. Additionally, security tags are a great way to prevent high-end items from leaving the store.

2. Use Appropriate Fixtures

Place expensive and small, easy to pocket items in locked display cases. This approach will not only enhance the appeal of these items and provide your sales team an opportunity to engage with your customers, but it will also deter criminals.

3. Consider the Layout

One of the most overlooked defenses against theft is the floor plan of your store. It is important to consider where your employees will be positioned, and where their line of sight might be obstructed. While mirrors can improve the ability to see into hidden corners and aisles, you can also try using smaller fixtures that don’t exceed 4’ in height. By keeping all of your displays low to the ground, your employees will be able to see everyone in the store to spot suspicious behavior before theft occurs.