Transform your interior space with an exciting focal point whether it be an exciting display or an energetic new structure. Single large focal points can help your consumers fixate on one major area of your retail or department store whilst continuous focal structures can help to create traffic patterns that lead your customer’s right to several desired areas in your space. Consistent displays and high focal points help to coax consumers from aisles to explore various other parts of your store.
Focal Point 1


While focal points can be both stimulating and guiding it is a great Idea to intertwine your designs with focal points that are relevant to high sales items or promotional displays. Ideas for displays can be as simple or complex as needed and Gabriel Logan can help to bring these ideas to the forefront. A promotional focal point is typically placed in a high-traffic location in your store and can showcase the products you have on sale in an appealing way. A structural focal point can be infused with original designs and vibrant colors, to add a thematic or “profit planning” technique to a designated product or area in your retail space. Lighting structures also create valuable focal points that can highlight and showcase necessary products and elements of your business.

Focal Point 2

For building out your latest ideas on structures and unique focal points that drive business call Gabriel Logan of Logan, Ohio!