end cap display ideas how to engage more customers with retail end cap displays

End caps are a simple, reliable solution for building sales in any retail store. From displaying impulse merchandise, to highlighting seasonal products, retail end caps work to draw the attention of customers as they round each aisle. But these versatile retail fixtures can only be their most effective if your customers actually stop to look at what is on display. The following guidelines can help you create retail end cap displays that engage more shoppers and maximize sales.

Display the Right Merchandise

If you’re wondering what products you should display on end caps to ensure sales success, the answer depends on a variety of factors such as your target market, industry, and time of year. Generally, retailers should stick to featuring the following types of merchandise on end caps to engage shoppers and drive more purchases.

  • Seasonal and timely products. End cap displays are ideal for showcasing timely items that may tend to get lost on internal shelves of your store. When new or seasonal products arrive, it’s important to get these items in front of your customers to encourage purchases right away. If you own a clothing boutique, you may want to use your end caps to showcase sunglasses and sun hats in the late spring and early summer. And once the Super Bowl nears, your grocery store may want to think about showcasing chips, dips, and other Super Bowl-worthy snacks on an end cap.
  • Impulse buys. Placing impulse items on end cap displays is a widely successful merchandising technique since these products have a broad, universal appeal. If you have a clothing store, think about displaying products that are “one size fits all” such as scarves and mittens in the wintertime. Everyday household items such as hand soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and even batteries are also great impulse purchases for general merchandise stores.
  • Sale items. If you need to move product quickly, end cap displays can help you sell more on-sale merchandise before it expires, seasons change, or holidays come to a close.

Set It Up in Sections

Choosing the right merchandise is just part of the battle when creating an effective end cap display. To keep your end caps functional and looking tidy, it’s important to set them up in three sections from top to bottom.

  • The top portion of a retail end cap should include a sign. This technique will draw in customers as they scan your store aisles. It also establishes a theme for your end cap; whether something is on sale, or you’re looking to highlight specialty or seasonal items.
  • The middle of an end cap should be used for customer interaction. This is the eye-level space where shoppers can easily see, touch, and even sample the product you’re promoting.
  • The bottom portion of an end cap should be used for stocking & storage. Because customers interact with end cap displays continuously, it’s important to keep products readily available for purchase. Using the bottom part of an end cap to store more products will help staff stay focused as they won’t have to restock shelves too often.

Be Visually Bold

Shoppers love visual stimulation, so don’t be afraid to go colorful and bold when designing your end cap signage. Bright, large banners are ideal for attracting customers to merchandise displays. Have your more artistic staff create their own display banners, or simply ask product manufacturers to supply signage you can use in your store. Whether you are offering a “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” promotion on tank tops, or selling Easter candy at 50% off after the holiday, going for big, visually-bold signs can help you sell more of these products faster.

Create Movement

When customers stumble upon an end cap that is filled to the brim with product, they may think that nobody is buying it. While a superbly organized and stocked end cap may look attractive, it can also deter shoppers from purchasing items. Your staff should definitely restock items as necessary, but they can also create the illusion that other shoppers are purchasing products by periodically removing a few items from displays. In turn, customers will see that the product is popular and will be more apt to purchase it themselves.

Less Variety is Best

The most effective end cap displays showcase just one or two items. If you offer too many products on an end cap, this can make it difficult for customers to decipher the reason for your display. In fact, they may just pass by without so much as a quick glance! Always display just one or two items on an end cap and only if they complement each other. For example, if you’re trying to sell a certain brand of pasta sauce, it makes sense to also display pasta on the shelf.

Choose High-Quality Retail End Caps

When designing your end cap displays, you can’t overlook end cap quality. Choosing the right end caps can create a more striking visual impression for every customer that walks through your doors. This is why it’s critical to choose a retail fixture company that is trusted by top retailers. If you’re ready to engage more customers and increase sales with end caps, request a quote today!