Essential Department Store Fixtures Every Large Retain Chain Needs

Investing in new department store fixtures and displays is a great way to give your large retail chain an edge over your competitors. In this age of online shopping, it’s more important than ever for brick and mortar chain stores to retain customers and drive sales through attractive and consistent shopping environments. Choosing to install the following department store fixtures will help create visually-appealing shopping experiences that boost sales and turn customers into repeat shoppers.

The Best Fixtures for Department Stores

Custom Store Fixtures

If you want to stand out from other department stores and online shops, it’s essential to have customized, unique store fixtures designed for all of your locations. Custom fixtures like shelving units and corner racks that match your store decor will make it easy for merchandise to fit into your space and look like it belongs. Customized fixtures are also ideal if you have an innovative product display idea that you can’t achieve by using simple stockroom fixtures alone.

Retail Display Cubes

Stop your customers right in their tracks by placing retail display cubes along the path to store aisles. Display cubes are essential for elevating and presenting a variety of products all throughout the year. They’re versatile enough to be stacked in unique ways, and lightweight enough to either move around your store, or ship to other stores when it’s time to change out promotional items.

Retail Slatwall

Free up floor space, drive more sales, and give your walls some style by installing slatwall systems with panels and shelving in your stores. When you showcase your newest merchandise on the walls, it will instantly show customers what you sell and what your brand wants to be known for.

Tiered Nesting Display Tables

If you need to maximize valuable floor space while still showcasing your best products, tiered nesting display tables are an ideal solution. These department store fixtures are made to complement a wide variety of floorplans and can encourage shoppers to buy prominently-displayed merchandise; from seasonal clothing items and accessories, to holiday gift ideas, and other promotional items.

Retail Cash Wraps

Cash wraps and retail checkout counters can enhance your customers’ experience, increase sales, and keep business humming along. Not only do cash wraps offer a prime merchandise display area for impulse items, behind-the-counter shelving units contain ample space for shopping bags, register paper, and other work-related items to keep employees efficient and organized.

Retail Display Cases

It goes without saying that department stores come with a lot of inventory to keep track of. Glass retail display cases can help ensure that merchandise is always managed well, and pricier items are locked away and protected from theft. Lighted retail display cases can also capture customers’ attention and drive more purchases when placed near point of sale areas.

Fitting Rooms

Did you know that customers are more inclined to make a buying decision when inside a department store fitting room? This is why it’s crucial to install fitting rooms that are not only functional but reflect what your brand is all about. The more time and care you put into designing your fitting rooms, the more likely customers will enjoy their shopping experience and make more purchases at all of your locations. Try some of these fitting room ideas to help your department store chain retain customers and increase sales.

Trust the Department Store Fixture Experts

Using the right department store fixtures can help draw customers through your doors and create a striking visual impression throughout all of your stores. This is why it’s important to choose a retail fixture company that is trusted by top retailers. For over 15 years, we have designed and manufactured department store fixtures for some of the most prominent retail chains in the country. If you’re ready for eye-catching fixtures that deliver results, contact us today for a quote.