essential retail slatwall accessories for your store

Slatwall systems are versatile retail fixtures that offer endless possibilities for store displays. But installing slatwall panels is just one part of building an effective merchandise display. Choosing the right slatwall accessories for your store is also necessary for creating stunning product displays. The following must-have accessories for slatwall systems will help you show off your merchandise, maximize floor space, and drive more sales.

Slatwall Faceoutsslatwall faceouts

If you’re looking for a convenient way to display apparel and accessories like shirts, jeans, and jewelry, slatwall faceouts are a must-have. Faceouts, or faceout displayers, protrude out from slatwall and allow you to hang items so customers can easily find the merchandise they are looking for. Faceouts come in a variety of colors and sizes so you can easily customize your merchandise displays.

Slatwall Waterfallsslatwall waterfalls

Waterfalls for slatwall are perfect for displaying multiple items in various sizes. Whether you want to display jewelry, scarves, or other “hanging” or packaged items, waterfall displays offer the ability to neatly tier your products so customers can have easy access. Slatwall waterfalls are ideal for retail stores of all types and come in hooked, cubed, and balled varieties to maintain a polished display area.

Slatwall Shelves

It may go without saying, but slatwall shelves are one of the most important retail slatwall accessories available. Shelving adds more dimension and style to your displays and is ideal for showcasing a wide range of merchandise; from folded clothing items, to accessories, housewares, packaged products, and more. Quality-made slatwall shelves are crafted to precisely fit the length of your display needs and come in a variety of melamine colors for maximum durability and style.

Slatwall Hooksslatwall hooks

Hooks for slatwall are an easy, effective option for displaying a variety of merchandise; whether you need to hang single items or multiple. Not only are slatwall hooks versatile, they also work to complement your existing faceouts and slatwall shelving to create a beautiful display and seamless shopping experience for customers. Slatwall hooks come in a range of sizes and colors to match your unique needs and store aesthetic.

Slatwall Wire Baskets slatwall wire baskets

Do you have small or loose items to display? Slatwall wire baskets can contain these pieces without making your store look cluttered. Wire baskets allow you to display your small or loose products in an organized, attractive way that enhances your retail setting and keeps customers interested in your merchandise. Try placing them at eye-level on your slatwall panels so customers can easily find what they’re looking for.

Finishing Accessories for Slatwall

Slatwall Trimslatwall trim

If you’re looking for a finished edge on your slatwall panels, you can’t overlook the importance of slatwall trim. Adding trim to your slatwall edges and grooves that connect the panels will beautifully cover raw edges to create an eye-catching, cohesive store display.

PVC Slatwall Inserts (Groove Treatment) PVC slatwall inserts groove treatment

Do you want to cover up the wood appearance inside the grooves on your slatwall? Installing PVC slatwall inserts, or groove treatments, will add the finishing touch to your slatwall system. They can be ordered to match the color of your slatwall grooves to create a clean, consistent display area.

High-Quality Retail Slatwall Accessories

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