Product placement, customer flow, and layout design are all important when considering how to design the floor plan of your grocery store. However, success or failure ultimately resides in the hands of your customers. Here are some habits of savvy customers to help you plan better and ensure success.

Grab and go items

Time crunched shoppers are routinely skipping the full grocery store to pick up essential items from their local convenience store. Entice these shoppers back by offering a fixture at the front of the store that is stocked with everyday items such as milk and bread. The benefit is that you decide which brands to feature, and can include higher priced or non-sale items. Additionally, customers who come in for one item are more likely to purchase extra items from you, as opposed to those who are shopping at a different store entirely. Promote this convenient solution, and don’t forget to surround it with enticing reminders of other products your customers may need.

End cap displays

Expert shoppers know to keep an eye on the end cap displays for sales on their favorite items. Don’t disappoint them, and be sure to change your displays frequently to feature different items. End caps also have the advantage of being in a high traffic area; so stagnant stocking can have a direct effect on your bottom line.

Free samples

The benefits of providing free samples are widely known, and you should think about offering them if you aren’t already. Another important consideration is the path to the freebies. Your best customers know to hit the samples first to avoid impulse buys later. Lead into your sampling station with island displays and sale items. The savvy shoppers will be forced to slow down to check out the deals, and they will be more likely to make an impulse purchase before they fill up on your delicious crackers and cheese offering.

Seeing your store through the eyes of your customers is an important way to keep them coming back. Take the time to find out what is most important to your shoppers, and they won’t need to shop anywhere else.