Fitting Room Ideas for Retail Stores

Fitting rooms are some of the most important spaces in a store. When inside a fitting room, a customer is 67 percent more inclined to make a buying decision, yet fitting room design and functionality can often be an afterthought for many store owners and operators. When customers visit your retail store, you want to ensure that every fixture represents your brand and the quality of your merchandise – fitting rooms included. Doing so will elevate the consumer experience, and in turn drive more sales.

If you’re ready to transform this valuable area of your store and improve retail success, the following fitting room ideas can help you create a unique experience that increases sales and builds customer loyalty.

1) Choose Fitting Rooms That Fit Everyone 

Just as a customer wouldn’t buy a pair of jeans that are a few sizes too small, you shouldn’t install fitting rooms that are too tiny and cramped. A fitting room that is too narrow won’t just make customers feel confined and unwelcome, but also turn them away from purchasing apparel if they aren’t able to get a good look at themselves in the mirror.

It’s critical to make sure that all of your fitting rooms are large enough for customers of every size to move around in comfortably. A good rule of thumb is to provide enough square footage to fit two people inside every stall, plus include ADA-complaint changing rooms in your store. This will ensure that all customers not only feel appreciated, but also increase their likelihood of making more purchases.

2) Provide a Functional Space

While a fitting room can technically be a simple, enclosed space with lighting and a mirror, from a shopper’s perspective, trying on clothing in a bare-bones fitting room isn’t the most inviting experience. Step into the shoes of your customers and ask yourself: What does my ideal fitting room look like? Take some time for research, check out other stores’ fitting rooms, then choose the design and functionality you find the most appealing. A truly functional fitting room will typically include the following:

  • A locking, self-closing door
  • A framed mirror that isn’t hung at a deceiving angle
  • A sturdy bench
  • Flattering lighting
  • Multiple hooks to hang merchandise
  • ADA compliant lock/lever set
  • Openings at the top and bottom for ventilation and to keep the temperature comfortable

3) Opt for a Lounge Area

How often do you shop alone? If you’re like most people, you shop with friends or family members. Many retailers have taken notice and have designed large lounges right outside of fitting room stalls for groups to gather while trying on clothes. Opting to include a gathering space or fitting room sitting area for friends and family will not only provide a warm, inviting atmosphere, but improve the overall customer experience. Plus, a large gathering space provides ample opportunity for your store to add more merchandise to sales racks, so shoppers can continue to build outfits as they are trying on clothing.

4) Decorate to Your Store’s Aesthetic

Your fitting room area should seamlessly integrate with the rest of your store, and the right decor can play an important role when it comes to keeping this space looking polished. Every last detail from the signage, to the lounge area, and interior of each room should complement your entire store design and brand. Try adding decorative details like artwork, complementary wood finishes on fitting room wall panels, and other types of decorations that can bring a more luxurious, comfortable experience to the customer.

Every retail store should take the time to install fitting rooms that are beautiful, functional and reflect their commitment to excellence. When customers encounter fitting rooms that have been invested in and cared for, they are more likely to enjoy their shopping experience and make more purchases.

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