Around the summer season, many retail clothing companies experience an influx of sales along with major fitting room usage. Our ready to install fitting rooms are a great solution for clothing brands who need both small or large fitting room spaces and solutions. The durable construction of each design is perfect for heavy foot traffic and frequent use. Our freestanding fitting rooms can be placed centrally in the middle of your floor plans and layouts or tucked in private corners for a private fitting room experience.


Our corner mount fitting rooms create ample space for setting up displays, signage, and more in the center of your store while keeping changing rooms to the back of your layout or in opposite corners. The wall mount displays are perfect for dressing along walls for narrow spaces or creating a reflective fitting room set up for high traffic use of fitting rooms on both sides of your store. Our fitting rooms can be built in various textures and include sleek features like benches and aluminum hardware for a luxury feel.

fitting room-2

If you require a custom fitting room display call Gabriel Logan today. There are many options to creating a great changing room experience for your customers. Ask us about changing room designs for mobile facilities as well, we are here to serve your needs and help to make your consumers shopping experience a simple and customer-friendly one!