Having a great interior design and setup for your retail store or commercial space is detrimental to foot traffic, customer experience, and ultimately sales. There are many key factors that go into play when deciding what is most important for the layout of any interior commercial space. We have compiled a list of what we believe are five fundamentals for creating a remarkable retail and commercial space.

Great Retail Space Design


  1. Maneuverability – Having floor space and room for customers to maneuver goes hand in hand with customer experience. Even if foot traffic increases it is essential to make sure objects like floor racks, wall mount displays, shelves, and more provide enough space for customers to move freely and with ease.
  2. Display – Having proper shelving and custom displays created to cater to your specific products are essential to a great design. At Gabriel Logan we pride ourselves on manufacturing custom pieces that showcase your items in a unique way as well as highlight them.
  3. Counterwork – The checkout experience is a customer’s final experience in the store and should allow visibility and space. Have a custom counter designed by our professionals or ask about designs to support your shopper’s/client experience in your retail space.
  4. Visibility – Having items and products visible is key. Not only by utilizing display setup but with proper lighting techniques a space can reach great design heights.
  5. Dressing Space – Having a thoroughly designed fitting room with space and size in mind puts the icing on a generous design. Be sure to have fitting rooms and setups designed to uniquely suit your space and to cater to a variety of consumers.

There are many ways to make your space both functional and eye-catching. Call Gabriel Logan today for a custom quote on counters, fitting rooms, slat walls and more!