Slatwall Display Systems

Retail Slatwall & Slatwall Accessories

Gabriel Logan is your one stop shop to order slatwall fixtures and slatwall accessories. Our slatwall systems are customized to fit your store’s unique needs.

Choosing to buy our slatwall panels, slatwall shelves, and other accessories will offer your store versatile retail display options, maximize floor space, and drive more sales. 

Slatwall Systems for Retail Stores

Slatwall Panels, Slatwall Shelves, Slatwall Displays & More

Our expert slatwall designers and manufacturers produce attractive and effective slatwall systems and slatwall accessories to meet the unique needs of every store. Whether you run a small boutique, or a large specialty store, we have custom slatwall finishes and groove options to accommodate any space.

We sell a full line of retail slatwall and slatwall accessories that are functional and look great, including:

  • Custom slatwall systems
  • Slatwall panels
  • Slatwall shelves
  • Slatwall display hooks
  • Slatwall waterfall display hooks
  • Slatwall faceout display hooks
  • Slatwall baskets
  • Slatwall shelf brackets
  • Slatwall installation hardware
  • Slatwall groove treatments & trim

The Best in Retail Slatwall Solutions

For over 15 years, Gabriel Logan has manufactured customized slatwall systems for some of the largest retailers in the country. Our customers trust us to design, produce, and deliver slatwall panels, slatwall shelves, and slatwall accessories that are effective, cost-saving, and high-quality.  

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Slatwall FAQs

Q. What materials are used to produce your slatwall panels?

We only buy the best slatwall materials to produce your slatwall. Our slatwall panels are manufactured using 48lb. density 150lbs. per square inch internal bond Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). This type of MDF board is the highest rated MDF board on the market. Our slatwall, when properly installed, is guaranteed to not bend, bow or break when in use.

Q. What types of slatwall panels do you have?

  • Paint Grade Slatwall – Paint Grade slatwall is slatwall in its raw Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) wood form. This type of finish gives you an unfinished wood look. It can be left “as is”or you can prime and paint to any color you choose.
  • Melamine Slatwall – Melamine slatwall is slatwall that is coated with a paper product over the MDF board to provide a solid color or a wood grain appearance. We offer eight melamine slatwall colors for you to choose from: White, Almond, Fog Grey, Lt. Grey, Brushed Aluminum, Cherry, Lt. Oak, and Hardrock Maple.
  • High Pressure Laminate Slatwall – High pressure laminate slatwall, also known as HPL slatwall is recommended when you need a specific color and more durability than a melamine finish. We have over 300 standard laminate color options direct from Wilsonart® and Formica ® for you to choose from. Click here and scroll down on the next page to view our laminate slatwall colors.

Q. What are slatwall panel dimensions?

Our two standard slatwall panel sizes: 4’h x 8’w (horizontal cut) and 8’h x 4’w (vertical cut). We also offer 5’h x 8’w and 4’h x 10’w. Both sizes are available upon request. Regardless of the slatwall panel size, all slatwall panels are ¾” thick. Slatwall is also known as slotwall, slat board, slat wall, slat board panel and slot board panels.

Q. What slatwall groove spacing options do you have available?

Our standard slatwall groove spacing options are: 3? On Center or 6? On Center. We also offer: 4? On Center. The “On Center” refers to the amount of distance between each slatwall groove.

Q. What is the thickness of your slatwall panels?

Our slatwall panels are 3/4″ thick.

Q. How much do the slatwall panels weigh?

Each standard 4’h x 8’w or 8’w x 4’h panel without metal extrusions weighs approximately 90lbs. When the standard size slatwall panels have metal extrusions inside the grooves, they weigh approximately 100lbs. per sheet.

Q. Why should I add aluminum / metal extrusions to my slatwall?

Adding aluminum extrusions or aluminum channels to your slatwall panels increases the supportability by 75% vs. slatwall without aluminum channels inside the grooves. By maximizing your slatwall supportability, it enables you to hang heavier items off of your slatwall without worrying about bowing or breaking the slatwall.

Q. Why should I add PVC tape to my slatwall?

Slatwall PVC tape helps to add color to your slatwall panels by covering up the unfinished wood look of the slatwall grooves. The PVC tape doesn’t add any support to your slatwall, but it can increase the visual appeal to your merchandising area.

Each PVC tape roll comes in 130′ lengths. One roll will cover one slatwall panel.

Stock PVC tape colors are: white, almond, black, blue, red, yellow and green

Q. How much weight can my slatwall hold?

On average, a typical 8″ slatwall hook can hold up to 55-60lbs. when used with slatwall that has metal channels inside the grooves. If the slatwall doesn’t have aluminum channels inside the grooves, then a typical 8″ slatwall hook can hold up to 35-40lbs. When you’re displaying shelves or hangrail bars from your slatwall, you need to add a support system (slatwall shelf bracket or slatwall hangrail bracket) every 12 inches going across the slatwall.

In general, it’s better to put the weight as close to the slatwall panel as possible.

Q. What slatwall accessories do you have available?

We have a full line of slatwall accessories, or also known as slat wall accessories available including:

  • slatwall display hooks
  • slatwall shelf brackets
  • slatwall waterfall display hooks
  • slatwall faceout display hooks
  • slatwall baskets
  • slatwall display shelves.

Q. Why am I charged a crating fee for slatwall?

To ensure we can package your product appropriately for shipping, slatwall panels are placed on a skid to prevent breakage during freight transport. There is a $95.00 crating charge per 30 sheets of slatwall panels.

Q. How are my shipping charges for slatwall determined?

Freight / shipping charges are determined based on distance, weight and carrier. We are centrally located in the heart of the U.S. so we have access to the most economical shipping options. We work diligently to get the best carrier and price for you.

Q. When can I expect my shipment to arrive?

Standard slatwall orders are shipped with in 7-10 business days from the time we have finalized your order. Custom laminate slatwall panels can take up to three weeks for production.

Q. Can I return my slatwall order if I am not satisfied with what I received?

We do not accept returns or authorize refunds on slatwall panels under any circumstance. We are not responsible for your slatwall if it bows, bends or breaks for any reason which includes product overload or incorrect installation.

Slatwall panels are manufactured to your specifications and cannot be resold. If you refuse your order, you will be billed for the payment of the original order, shipping costs and a 35% restocking charge. When any item is returned to our plant, you will be responsible for payment of the freight / shipping costs.

Q. What are the other names used for slatwall?

There are many different names that are used to describe slatwall such as:

  • slotwall
  • slot wall
  • slot wall panel
  • slatwall panels
  • slat board
  • slatboard
  • slatwall board
  • slat wall
  • slotboard
  • slatted panel
  • slot board

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Slatwall Dimensions

  • Standard: 4′ H x 8′ W x ¾” D and 8′ H x 4′ W x ¾” D
  • Available upon request: 5′ H x 8′ W x ¾’ D and 4′ H x 10′ W x ¾’ D

Groove Spacing

  • Standard: 3″ on center or 6″ on center
  • Optional: 4″ on center

Edge Finish

  • End Cut
  • Finished Cut

Slatwall Finishes

  • Paint Grade
  • Melamine
    Almond Almond
    Brushed Aluminum Brushed Aluminum
    Cherry Cherry
    Fog Grey Fog Grey
    Hardrock Maple Hardrock Maple
    Light Grey Light Grey
    Light Oak Light Oak
    White White
  • High Pressure Laminate and Over 300 options
    • Wilsonart® Colors available include any ending in “60”
    • Formica® Colors available include any ending in “58”

Slatwall Groove Options

  • Aluminum Extrusions
  • PVC Tape Available in white, almond, black, blue, red, yellow and green

Slatwall Installation

  • For non-extrusion panels, insert screws through the slatwall grooves to the studs of the wall.
  • For panels with aluminum extrusions, first drill a hole through the extrusion, insert screws through the slatwall grooves and then through the studs of the wall.
  • Apply an adhesive to the back of the slatwall panel for more permanent installation.