4 Great Reasons to Use Slatwall Systems in Your Retail Store

Slatwall systems are popular retail display fixtures that are perfect for stores large and small. If you’re looking for a convenient, versatile way to display all types of merchandise, slatwall can often be a perfect solution.

What is Slatwall?

Slatwall is a building material that contains horizontal grooves called slats. Slatwall systems can come in many forms including freestanding fixtures and wall panels. Slatwall shelves, slatwall hooks and other accessories fit into the slats so retail stores can display a variety of products.

If you’re still not convinced that slatwall is right for you, here are four great reasons why you should consider using slatwall in your retail store.

1) Slatwall is Highly Durable

Slatwall has an outstanding life expectancy. Because slatwall is crafted from durable melamine, it is difficult to damage. Plus, slatwall panels fit together vertically for unlimited stacking of merchandise. This makes slatwall an affordable option for your retail fixture needs. In addition to its durability, melamine slatwall is also light enough to move around easily. Due to its durability and lightweight material, slatwall can be customized all throughout the year to wow customers each time they visit your store.

2) The Systems Are Extremely Versatile

One of the best aspects of slatwall is its versatility. You can attach the fixtures to any existing walls in your store and display all types of merchandise! From clothing, to shoes, to accessories and more, there are many products you can showcase using slatwall. They also come in a variety of lengths, materials, custom finishes and groove options to accommodate any type of retail space.

3) Slatwall Helps Free Up Floor Space

Whether you have a small boutique or large department store, slatwall allows you to optimize floor space to give you more room for other retail displays and foot traffic. Displaying your merchandise solely on floor displays can make customers feel cramped. But slatwall showcases your products vertically, which can help customers find what they need much more quickly and efficiently. Slatwall systems are the best way to free up space, maximize your floor plan, and utilize unused merchandise display space on the walls.

4) Offers Better Organization & Inventory Control

If you’re looking to improve inventory control or organize your products more efficiently, slatwall can help with both. Because merchandise is displayed on the walls of your store, your staff can easily keep track of your products and know when items are either missing or running low. It’s also a great option for keeping thieves at bay as it makes it harder for shoplifters to get to your products. Organizing your merchandise is also very simple when you utilize slatwall systems. Slatwall works to keep your merchandise looking attractive to buyers since customers can’t unfold clothes or make a huge mess of items that are hanging.

The Best Slatwall Systems for Retail Stores

Choosing top-of-the-line slatwall offers any store versatile display options, maximizes floor space, and drives more sales. Are you ready to install slatwall systems in your retail store? Our slatwall is durable, beautiful, and can be customized to fit your unique needs. Contact us for a quote today!