Separating your best selling or high value items from the rest of your inventory can be a challenge. Fortunately there is a simple way to call attention to these items inside of your store: showcases.

Showcases offer an elegant and eye catching display for presenting expensive or highly coveted items. With a custom designed display case, you can seamlessly integrate this solution into your existing retail setup without requiring a full remodel or redesign.

Showcase checkout stations

Putting your best selling products at the register isn’t just an empty trick. Customers will be drawn to these items as they complete other purchases, which is a time when they are most likely to commit to buying an additional item. By presenting high value or well selling products at the register, you can subtly remind your customers of a product they may be interested in, or expose them to something new

Standalone showcases

Sometimes a great product stands alone and deserves its own space within your store. Small or custom display cases can be placed throughout your store with valuable or coveted items, which will increase traffic and attention to the area. By showcasing products around related offerings, you can also increase visibility of other items, increasing the likelihood of multiple purchases.