How to Create Effective Grocery Store Displays in 3 Easy Steps

Grocery store displays play an integral role when it comes to visual merchandising. Setting up creative displays using the right store fixtures can generate a more enjoyable shopping experience and effectively advertise high-margin, seasonal, and discounted items to every customer that walks through your doors. If you’re looking to move more products, the following steps can help you create grocery store displays that regularly produce more sales and turn visitors into repeat customers.

Scan & Plan

In order to create effective grocery store displays, you should first get a good lay of the land. Scanning your store layout will help you make the most of available floor space so you can increase product volume and attract customers to make more purchases. Here are just some ideas to get you started:

  • Plan displays for common items to sit far away from the store entrance. Customers will then have to walk through other areas of the store to get to the milk, eggs, and bread allowing for the perfect opportunity to highlight high-margin promotional products and seasonal merchandise on end cap displays. This technique will maximize floor space, plus grab the attention of customers as they walk by.
  • Add impulse purchase displays next to the cash register. As customers wait in line, these displays can entice them to buy more. A cash wrap can be a great option when you need to increase floor space while offering an easy way to showcase fun products like snacks, magazines, and smaller seasonal items.
  • Use staggered shelving for fresh food displays. Staggering fresh items like baked goods, produce, and grab-and-go meals will ensure that every product is visible and easily accessible to customers. Custom store fixtures and nesting tables can offer enough space for not only your products, but also seasonal props and other decor to make the displays pop.

Choose the Right Grocery Store Fixtures

Your store’s displays can only be their most effective if the right display fixtures are used. When choosing grocery store fixtures, you want to ensure that they are high-quality and designed to reflect your brand aesthetic. When customers see how much care you put into your fixtures, they will have a higher perception of your store and be more apt to return for more items. Try installing these grocery store fixtures to create even better displays:

  • Grocery Store End Caps: High-quality end caps can help boost sales on a continual basis. They are ideal for displaying your prime merchandise and work to draw in customers no matter where they are shopping inside your store.
  • Custom Grocery Store Fixtures: Investing in custom-designed shelving units and other unique store fixtures will help your products fit perfectly inside your space and also seamlessly integrate into your brand aesthetic.
  • Grocery Store Cash Wraps: Cash wraps can provide more space for you to create impulse item displays. This offers customers an easy way to purchase more products last-minute while keeping business moving along.
  • Grocery Store Nesting Tables: Nesting tables provide a simple, effective way to free up floor space, showcase promotional products, and maximize sales. Durable, tiered nesting display tables can complement a wide variety of grocery store floor plans.

Place Products in Proper Spaces

While purchasing the right grocery store fixtures is a key step to increasing sales, your displays can only make a measurable impact if you know exactly where to place your products. When you design your grocery store displays, it’s a good idea to follow these tried and true visual merchandising rules:

  • Place the priciest items on the highest shelving units. This will indicate to customers that the price point is higher on these products due to their “top shelf” qualities.
  • Place destination products on lower shelving units. These are common items that customers will purchase no matter where they may be located in your store.
  • Place competitive and promotional items on display units at eye-level. This technique will ensure that these items are visible to customers right away and can also increase impulse purchases.
  • Place related products in the same area. This makes things easier on customers and can also entice them to buy more products. For instance, if a customer swings by a grocery store for some pancake mix, they will likely buy more maple syrup if they see it next to the mixes — whether they need more syrup or not. End caps are an excellent option for showcasing related products in this way.

If you want to sell more products in your grocery store, following these steps can help you create attractive grocery store displays that drive customers to purchase and return for more.

High-Quality Grocery Store Display Designs

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