How to Pick the Right Retail Display Fixtures for Your Store: 3 Simple Tips

The appearance of your store is just as important as the items you choose to sell. This is why it’s important for every retailer to thoughtfully plan out how to display merchandise. But a well-executed display that properly showcases your best products is just part of improving the look and feel of your store. Without the right retail display fixtures, customers will pass on by without a second look. The following tips can help you choose the perfect fixtures that will attract your target customers and encourage them to buy.

1) Focus on Store Fixture Materials

The type of materials you choose for your retail display fixtures can tell your customers a lot about your store and branding. But, with the many types of fixture materials available, it can be hard to pick the right kind. Try stepping into the shoes of your target customer. Ask yourself: What type of person am I trying to attract to my store? What is this person motivated by? What is this person’s lifestyle like? Will this person be attracted to a more formal, casual, whimsical, or youthful shopping experience? Once you decide on the type of person you and your products are trying to target, it will help you choose the right fixture materials.

Common Retail Fixture Materials:

  • Wood: Wooden store fixtures can give off a classic, rustic, or eco-friendly feeling in a store. This fixture material is very versatile and is often used in grocery stores, specialty goods stores, clothing stores, health stores, and clothing stores. Some wooden fixtures are made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) which is an engineered wood product. MDF fixtures can often be coated in melamine to provide a solid color or wood grain appearance, or high-pressure laminate to make fixtures even more durable.
  • Glass: For a more upscale, luxurious, sophisticated shopping experience, glass fixtures can’t be beat. Glass displays and jewelry display cases are perfect for high-end department stores and boutiques.
  • Steel or Metal: If you want to boast a sleek look inside your store, brushed steel fixtures can be ideal for modern apparel stores, home furnishing stores, department stores, and fashion boutiques. And if you are simply looking for function, painted steel fixtures work well in convenience stores, grocery stores, and auto parts stores.

2) Keep Your Unique Merchandise in Mind

When it comes to retail fixtures, less of a variety can be more. Have you ever walked into a store that had too many types of displays? It likely felt uncoordinated, cramped, and cluttered — and you probably wanted to hightail it out of there. Keeping your store’s merchandise in mind can help eliminate this problem and aid you in choosing just the right retail fixture combination for your brand.

For example, if you run a specialty hat shop, combining slatwall with a few retail display cubes can be a simple retail fixture solution. You can easily customize slatwall systems and display most of your merchandise on shelves or hooks, then showcase seasonal or new items on the display cubes. Not only will this help free up floor space, but it will give your store a more cohesive look.

Common Retail Fixtures and Their Uses:

  • Slatwall: Slatwall systems are some of the most versatile retail fixtures available. Use slatwall shelves, slatwall hooks, and slatwall wire baskets to display clothing, shoes, accessories, pre-packaged food products, home goods, and anything else you can think of.
  • Cash Wraps: Cash wrap counters serve a dual purpose: They are a checkout point for customers, and a great place for your store to display impulse items. Use cash wrap counters in any type of store to display small, seasonal, or everyday items to encourage last-minute purchases.
  • Display Cases: Retail display cases are ideal for high-end items that you need to protect such as jewelry, watches, expensive perfumes, or luxury cosmetics.
  • Display Cubes: Retail display cubes are versatile fixtures and can be used to display all types of products. Whether you need to display table lamps in your furniture store, clothing or accessories in your department store, new products in your grocery store, or highlight seasonal merchandise in a specialty store, display cubes offer endless possibilities for retailers.
  • End Caps: Retail end cap displays are placed at the end of aisle shelves in grocery stores, general merchandise stores, and some specialty stores. They provide ample space to highlight single price point items and are a prime display area to cross-merchandise complementary products.
  • Tiered Nesting Tables: Retail nesting tables are made to slide underneath each other or expand when pulled out. This helps accommodate foot traffic and your floor display needs. Because they are easy to move around, department stores use them quite often for seasonal items, holiday gift ideas, and new promotions.

3) Fixate on the Future

As you’re deciding on the right retail display fixtures, it is always a good idea to think about where your store may be headed in the future. Are you planning to grow your store with more merchandise, or expand into the retail space next door? Fixating on the future of your store will help you choose the perfect store fixtures. Choosing to install only permanent display may not be cost-effective if you are already seeing significant growth. Many stores mix things up with both movable and permanent displays to make fixtures easier to move around and tear down.

If you are expecting your store to expand and grow (like all stores hope to do!), ask yourself the following questions before choosing retail display fixtures:

  • Are the displays versatile? If you are expecting to expand, keep versatility in mind when choosing both permanent and moveable fixtures. For example, slatwall systems are a more permanent solution, but they are quite versatile. Slatwall shelves, baskets, hooks, and other accessories can be slid in or out of your display depending on your store’s inventory. Display cubes are also versatile and are made to feature all types of items, which can be helpful when a store decides to expand.
  • Are the displays moveable? Moveable and adjustable displays can help any retailer who is anticipating growth. Nesting tables are durable yet light enough to move around your store and can be used as standalone fixtures or tiered depending on your needs. They are also helpful if you decide to change your store layout on a whim, or if your store needs to move to a larger retail space once you outgrow a smaller one.

The Best Retail Display Fixtures for Your Business

When you choose the right retail display fixtures, they will effectively highlight your products, stay consistent with your unique brand, and drive customers to buy more. Locating the best fixtures can be easy when you choose a trusted retail fixture company that designs and manufactures high-quality and affordable displays that match your store’s vision. Let us help you pick the perfect retail display fixtures for your store. Request a quote today!