Customers who try on clothes in a fitting room make purchases 67% of the time according to retail consultant Envision Retail. Clean, accessible, high quality fitting rooms should be a priority for every retail store. Here are some signs that it might be time for new fitting rooms.

Your fitting rooms are dirty or worn

According to Envision Retail’s survey, shoppers that use the fitting rooms spend one third of their in-store time there. Stores allocate substantial time and money on the design and aesthetic of the shopping space, ignoring this key part of the shopping experience. Fitting rooms that are worn, damaged and unclean not only discourage customers from using them, but they also leave a poor impression.

You’re facilities are not ADA compliant

The Americans with Disabilities Act has strict codes for fitting room accessibility. If your dressing rooms are over a few years old, they may not meet new standards. This means that your store’s not compliant with the ADA, and you are also potentially losing business by dissuading this group of shoppers from trying on clothes.

The dressing rooms don’t match your store’s style

If you’ve recently redecorated your retail space, consider replacing your dressing rooms to match the new design. Not only would the update bring cohesion to the design, it also gives you a chance to improve the layout and maximize your use of space.

Gabriel Logan offers fitting rooms in three designs and seven finishes to complement your unique retail space. Delivery is quick, and the fitting rooms are ready to install. Standard and ADA compliant options are available. Request a fitting room quote.