Slatwall panels may be affixed over existing walls: drywall or wall paneling. They can also be affixed directly to the studs in a new construction area.

If the slatwall needs to be cut to size – cut the panels face down with a circular saw. Use a sharp blade with at least 60-80 teeth.

Prior to installing the slatwall, look on the backside of each panel to find the directional sticker. When applying the panel to the wall, the directional sticker on the back should be positioned on the lower left hand side.

The additional panels that are applied to the wall need to follow suit; the directional sticker should always be positioned on the lower left hand side.

By having the directional sticker in the same place every time the panel is installed will ensure the panel grooves line up correctly creating a seamless look.

We recommend at least 25 screws per slatwall panel. The type of installation screws that are used during the installation process depends on the type of slatwall that you have purchased.


If your slatwall panels have aluminum channels, first drill a pilot hole through the extrusion.

Screw the installation screws through the grooves of the slatwall to the studs of the wall.

For a more permanent installation use a panel adhesive applied to the back of the panel.