Introducing Professional Powder Coating Services

Are you looking for an attractive, durable finishing option for your metal parts or products? Look no further than our new professional powder coating services. Our top-of-the-line powder coating system is supplied by industry leader, Powder-X. This powerful technology includes a high-capacity powder spray booth and large curing oven to deliver a beautiful, long-lasting finish for projects large and small.

Why Choose Powder Coating Over Paint?

Conventional, liquid paint is a finishing method that has traditionally been used for metal surfaces. But, powder coating is a more advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to metal parts and other materials. The coating is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder with an electrostatic charge that is administered with a spray gun and cured using high heat in a special oven. This finishing process has steadily increased in popularity over the years as it offers many superior benefits over liquid paint finishes.

Powder Coating Advantages

  • High durability. Thick, hard finish is tougher than conventional paints making it more resistant to chips, scratching, fading, and wearing.
  • Long-lasting. Can successfully protect items from the elements, heat, and cold.
  • Eco-friendly. Doesn’t contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or solvents that are found in liquid finishes.
  • Cost-saving. Powder coating technology is a more efficient process that saves you time and money.

Are you ready to extend the life of your products? We offer a wide variety of powder coating finishes from matte to high gloss plus over 75 RAL in-stock colors from Sherwin Williams. Or, choose custom colors to match your unique needs. Request a quote today!