Making your retail space more interactive through great design can provide a memorable experience for customers who can begin sharing their voice about their experience with your brand through word of mouth. At Gabriel Logan our goal is to not only create high-quality displays, countertops, and more but to implement new ideas through manufacturing that help to build your business. Our unique fixtures and custom designs can be built with your specific vision in mind. There are many ways to make any retail space more interactive with the right on-hand professionals and through talking directly with your designated team to bring every idea for your space to life.

Quality Manufacturing

Some of the fixtures we design like our free standing fixtures are key components to subtly interacting with customers through a display and allowing them to physically experience your store. Uniquely designed nesting tables or seating in your shoe stores can be built with various textures and surfaces that can ignite your customer’s senses. Being able to see and touch fixtures with colorful exteriors or versatile shapes can do wonders for a customer’s short journey through your space. Unique checkout counters can also provide a final experience that serves as a lasting impression on customers in your space. If you can think it up, we can make it here at Gabriel Logan and part of our job is providing creative ways to show off your products and business.

Be sure to call Gabriel Logan today for your manufacturing needs in both larger and small commercial and retail spaces. We look forward to hearing from you.