If your goal is to make your fairly small retail space more organized or even to seem bigger with the help of design insight our manufacturers here at Gabriel Logan know best.  While decorating for your target audience can be hard to do with small spaces here are a few things you should know about manufacturing designs that can play a huge part in the effective use of your space without losing visual appeal.


Go Minimal. That’s right nothing says “come on in” like a sleek and open space. Try utilizing sleek cabinetry or fitting room designs that allow for maximum use of space in minimal sizes. Opt for steel or metal designs that can remain narrow and reach higher heights to transform your space with minimal effort. Avoiding clutter can make a small space feel larger and having high cabinets and shelves can also allow for a vertical appeal.

Focus on display. Go with less furniture and opt for ways to intriguingly display your products. At Gabriel Logan we create custom designs to fit your needs whether it be large or small design projects. Testing all of the possibilities of display aesthetics can open up room for targeting your customer in new and exciting ways.

If you are thinking about making your small retail space more customer friendly, visually appealing, or even more organized through custom design be sure to contact Gabriel Logan Manufacturers of Logan, Ohio today for the best design options and custom quotes!