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Custom Designed Science Labs

When it comes to recruiting students, facilities matter, so DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, Md, renovated its existing science labs and constructed new labs in the Henley Science Wing. Science Department Chair Rick Reeves had waited 10 years for the renovation and formulated a clear vision of what he wanted.


  • Outdated science labs that restricted interactive learning
  • Inadequate storage facilities for school projects


  • Customized work stations with recessed electrical outlets
  • Cabinets custom designed with sliding trays

Collaboratively Conceived

Reeves discovered Gabriel Logan at the National Science Teachers Association Show and was impressed with the fixture manufacturer’s customization capabilities. “They actually came down and had a face-to-face meeting,” recalls Reeves. “They were much more willing to work with us and design what we needed and customize, while another company we were talking to would not.”

Completely Customized

Reeves wanted octagon-shaped tables to facilitate student interaction. Gabriel Logan was able to build them and brought innovative solutions to the project, such as elliptical-shaped tables with recessed electrical outlets. The tables and stools, also from Gabriel Logan, are suitable for both science experiments and lectures. To maximize space in a smaller chemistry lab, the company designed a barbell-shaped fixture that came out from the wall instead of a free-standing table.

Storage was another concern for Reeves. After learning of the problems associated with storing dissection specimens, Gabriel Logan designed and built a cabinet with trays that slide in and out. “That has actually helped a lot,” says Reeves. “Now each student has an individual drawer and cabinet for dissection materials.”

Excellent Quality

The new lab fixtures facilitate student interaction and learning, while maximizing storage and improving safety. Two years after the initial installation, Reeves is especially happy with how things have held up under daily use by 900 teenage boys.

“I’m happy with the work Gabriel Logan did for us. The quality of the materials they used was quite good. Everything is holding up very well,” adds Reeves.

Satisfied with the work, Reeves has recommended Gabriel Logan to other educators and provided tours of the labs. “If we had another project down the road, we would certainly be interested in working with Gabriel Logan again,” says Reeves. “They did what we needed them to do, and they didn’t try to dictate what we needed. The process was very collaborative.”