Custom Built Display Cases from Gabriel Logan Showcase Student Achievements

Recognizing their students’ achievements is important to high school administrators, the students’ parents and, of course, the students themselves. After three buildings were consolidated into one at Fairfield Union High School, located in Lancaster, Ohio, the administrators realized there was simply not enough space to display all the trophies and plaques won by their past and present students. School officials asked Gabriel Logan to build a custom display case.
According to Fairfield Union’s principal, Dale Ferbrache, the high school wanted the specially made cases to hold student, athletic, music and extracurricular awards. It was also necessary to create a spot that the alumni associations from three schools could fill with revolving historic displays.


  • Organized displays for a wide variety of products
  • Insufficient number of display cases for student, athletic, music and extracurricular awards


  • Custom display cases 6′ 6″tall and 56′ long
  • Sliding access doors on the front and adjustable shelves
  • Highly visible in the school cafeteria

Customized Cases for Highly Visible Display

The result is a group of interconnected display cases that stand 6′ 6″ tall and span 56′ in length. Sliding access doors on the front and adjustable shelves in each of the cabinet units easily accommodate trophies and awards in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

“They look custom made from one end to the other,” says Ferbrache. “Each of the door openings are four feet wide with two doors where the doors overlap. As you are looking at the cabinet, you are looking at a two foot segment of glass. Then, there is a slight divider where the two doors overlap going into the next cabinet.”

Located in the school cafeteria, the display cases are highly visible during the day and evening receptions. LED lighting on the top of the cases, extending the length of the unit, illuminates the cabinets to spotlight all the trophies and awards.

We do a lot of banquet activities, so it’s going to be visible there,” adds Ferbrache. “You enter our gym through the cafeteria area, and whenever you have volleyball games, basketball games, wrestling matches, the cabinets are on public display. Daily, the kids see them in the cafeteria when they are there for lunch.”

Quality Fixtures at Competitive Prices

Ferbrache was introduced to Gabriel Logan after seeing similar display cabinets at another school. He discovered they were made by Gabriel Logan and searched for the company online.

“The cabinets looked like they were quality made, well constructed, and sturdy,” notes Ferbrache. Gabriel Logan beat out three companies for the work with the lowest price, but Ferbrache acknowledges that cost wasn’t the only factor in the decision.

“Even if they had not been the least expensive, we would have moved ahead with them because of the quality we had seen. Also, they were able to custom match and use the same veneering that we had in other cabinets that were built into our building,” says Ferbrache. Other manufacturers only offered an oak veneer option. Even a fabric panel in the back of the cabinets was included to match other bookcases in the school.

Dedicated Customer Service

Gabriel Logan also handled the installation.” They actually came back and double checked to see if there were any adjustments needed. I was very impressed,” adds Ferbrache.

Due to funding uncertainties, the project took awhile to get off the ground, but Misty Wilfing, national accounts manager/marketing director at Gabriel Logan, waited patiently for approval, and then quickly moved the project forward, giving Fairfield Union High School exactly what they needed within two months. Ferbrache was asked if he would recommend using Gabriel Logan in the future. “Based on our experience, I would. From the design up through the installation, they were patient. It wasn’t a high pressure situation. It was refreshing to know that they took us seriously.”

As it turns out, the two may be talking again sooner, rather than later. According to Ferbrache, another display area is in the planning stages.