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Store Design Using Custom Fixtures Increases Sales for Equipment Rental Store

When Franklin Equipment opened a new branch in Dublin, Ohio, they wanted their space to be clean and well organized, allowing customers to find what they need quickly.

They first asked a designer to develop some sketches for the store layout. Ultimately, they turned to Gabriel Logan to transform the space. Franklin Equipment knew they wanted an open look that also resembled a warehouse, but let Gabriel Logan take over the design process. “We can rent and sell equipment,” says Mike McDaniel, the Dublin branch manager, “but we don’t think like a designer.”


  • Organized displays for a wide variety of products
  • Open space with a warehouse ambiance


  • Complete slatwall system showcasing variety and quantity
  • Counters with concrete backing and stainless steel strapping

Customized pieces for a well organized store

Gabriel Logan began by installing service, parts and rental counters. They added desks for the manager and sales staff. The biggest improvement for customers, though, was installing their slatwall system around the store, which allowed Franklin to display a large variety of equipment in an organized way. “I think that in our industry there is no one that is displaying the merchandise we provide with the quantities and variety we have,” notes McDaniel. “In addition to gas powered equipment we have straps, chalk boxes, tools, pins, gloves, electrical chords, shovels, rakes, weed eaters, string, oil, gas, filters, safety glasses, jackets, vests … there’s just a ton of stuff. The slatwall system allows us to display it all for the customers while keeping it organized and off the floor.”

Quality fixtures and design

Utility wasn’t the only factor that went into the design process, though. Gabriel Logan also wanted to make sure the store was aesthetically pleasing. Fabricated I-beams were hung from the ceiling, so it would look like a warehouse. Also, special attention was paid to the counters. The front of the counters has concrete backing board that would normally go under tile in a bathroom. Then, stainless strapping surrounds the board to finish it off. “Gabriel Logan’s fixtures are top of the line,” adds McDaniel. “I’ve been in a lot of rental houses throughout the country, and I’ve never seen anything that looks like this place.”

Customers take notice

Gabriel Logan and Franklin agree that they want a welcoming environment so people feel comfortable from the minute they walk in the door. “Customers aren’t walking into an old garage that has dirty floors and stuff laying around,” says McDaniel. “It’s bright and clean. They see wall covers, banners, exposed ductwork, big TV monitors in the showroom and drop lighting. All of these pieces work to bring out our original vision.”

“The customers have noticed,” observes McDaniel. “We get comments from all kinds of people about how neat and organized everything is and how easy it is to find what they’re looking for. They love the showroom and the whole store.”

Recommendation without hesitation

Franklin Equipment has been so happy working with Gabriel Logan that they say they wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. “The turnaround time was quick,” McDaniel notes. “It was only about a week after we approved the final drawings that pieces started showing up.” Gabriel Logan then worked with Franklin on the installation, completing the vision for the space. Since then, Franklin has been thrilled with the quality of the work and fixtures.

Gabriel Logan’s design and fixtures haven’t just increased customer satisfaction; they’ve also improved sales of small equipment and accessories. Items that would usually be hidden or disorganized are now clearly displayed and marked. “We’re very happy with the flow of people through the store,” reports McDaniel. “They’re spending more time looking at different pieces of equipment and making more purchases.”