Logan-Hocking County District Library Impresses with Gabriel Logan Fixtures

Designing children’s spaces that fuel imagination and learning is a good community investment. That’s why, despite a tightly controlled budget, Logan-Hocking Country District Library in Logan, Ohio reserved funds for something special—a floor-to-ceiling tree structure that would provide a grand entrance to the children’s library as well as much needed storage.

Gabriel Logan, which submitted the winning bid for fixtures in the library’s new addition, built the tree and all that went with it, on time and within budget.


  • Outdated children’s library with insufficient display space
  • Environment was too serious


  • Floor-to-ceiling tree structure with shelves
  • Four-piece train with seats

First a Tree House, then a Train

According to Library Director Andrew Herold, the custom floor-to-ceiling tree entrance was designed by the architect of the new addition. Manufactured and hand painted by Gabriel Logan craftsmen, the fixture includes three tree trunks which house display shelves, branches that stretch to the ceiling and leaves that form a canopy over the entrance. “I think they can build anything,” notes Herold. “If you saw it—it’s unreal.”

Throughout the library renovation Herold relied on Gabriel Logan’s counsel. “If I didn’t know what color to use, or what sizing, they helped me out with that,” adds Herold. “I could call them anytime I wanted.”

They were so pleased with Gabriel Logan’s work that when another special project came up, the Library went right back to the fixture manufacturer. A unique four-piece train that seats children, first envisioned by one of the librarians, became a reality under Gabriel Logan’s direction.

The Reaction? “Blown Away”

Herold describes the architect’s reaction when he took him to see the train, which was not part of the original design. “He was blown away by it, and he asked me for Gabriel Logan’s name.”

Their on-site design and engineering team impressed everyone at Logan-Hocking County District Library with their attention to detail on every project, from book stacks, shelving and end panels, to trees and trains. “As far as I’m concerned they’re the best,” says Herold. “I would be sure to include them on any bid.”

Working on pieces with high visibility in their own hometown was special for the craftsmen at Gabriel Logan as well. “We’re proud to have built fixtures that all of the children in Logan can experience and enjoy for years to come,” says Troy Gabriel, president of Gabriel Logan.

The Logan-Hocking County District Library projects were accomplished with limited budgets, unlimited imaginations and big hearts. And how is the reception? Just ask the kids as they’re busy crawling about the tree house and the train, with smiles and giggles.