A Retailer’s Dream Fixture Becomes Reality

Behind every good customer there is usually a problem that needs to be solved. In the case of Omaha Steaks that problem was a freezer surround. According to Laura Quick, facilities manager for the nation’s leading purveyor of premium steaks, existing built-in freezer surrounds created issues when the retailer would move out of a location.

Walls would need to be removed, and ceilings and floors repaired, all at Omaha Steaks’ expense. If the original flooring weren’t available, landlords would want the entire floor ripped out. Quick dreamed of a fixture that could be dismantled, allowing the floors and ceilings to go in first. “I came up with an idea, but Gabriel Logan was able to figure out how to execute it,” says Quick.

Gabriel Logan devised a freezer surround that could be assembled on-site with the look of a custom built-in. “It blends with the walls,” notes Quick. “I don’t think people would realize when they walk in that it is any different than a built-in.”

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  • Organized displays for a wide variety of products
  • Open space with a warehouse ambiance


  • Complete slatwall system showcasing variety and quantity
  • Counters with concrete backing and stainless steel strapping

Faster Installation, Easier Maintenance

There were other benefits as well. Store construction takes less time, because there is no need to build custom walls. Service technicians find it much easier to access the tops of freezers. “They really hated me when they had to crawl through access panels to get to the freezers,” recalls Quick. Now, with sliding doors on the top of the freezers, technicians can just climb a six-foot step ladder and slide the door open to complete the required maintenance.

Of course, a solution doesn’t work unless the price is right. “Gabriel Logan was able to figure out the best way to assemble it on-site so that shipping costs were less expensive,” adds Quick.

One Source For All Your Fixtures

While it was definitely the dream freezer surround that sealed the relationship with Gabriel Logan, Quick continues to be impressed by the company’s ability to customize fixtures for their smaller retail locations. In addition to freezer surrounds, Omaha Steaks has purchased cash wraps, demo tables, nesting tables, dry goods units, managers’ desk set ups and back wraps from Gabriel Logan. Value engineering services help design fixtures that meet the budget.

According to Quick, the growing retailer will be relying on Gabriel Logan for fixtures in six to eight stores they plan to open in 2013

“They have provided great customer service,” says Quick. “If anything comes up, they immediately take care of it.” Dreams and all.