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Walmart Counts on Gabriel Logan for Displays That Sell

Walmart briefly ended its long standing relationship with Gabriel Logan, thinking there might be another option on the market. However, Walmart found there is no one better at providing cost efficient, quality display solutions than Gabriel Logan.

The fact that Walmart returned speaks to the quality for which Gabriel Logan is known. Gabriel Logan is now working with Walmart to improve their displays by scaling them down to make them more efficient. In addition, Walmart has turned to Gabriel Logan to produce an exclusive line to showcase jewelry.


  • Finding a high quality, cost efficient display manufacturer


  • Gabriel Logan meets all quality and delivery requirements



Gabriel Logan ships jewelry and sporting goods counters to 15-20 new and existing Walmart stores every month, proving they can easily accommodate the demands of a growing company. Customers like Walmart know that no matter what challenge they throw Gabriel Logan’s way, whether it’s space, time or budget constraints, Gabriel Logan will be able to find a high quality solution.