Whole Foods Uses Displays to Increase Sales

High Margin Products Move to the Outside Aisles

It can be tough to grab a customer’s attention for personal care products in a grocery store. The Whole Body department of Whole Foods Market faces the challenge of presenting products like vitamins, soap, toothpaste and shampoo to shoppers in areas where they’re sure to be noticed.


  • Increase exposure to products usually located in the middle of the store


  • Unique “Be Good to Your Whole Body” stands allow stores to highlight different products in high traffic areas

Quality, dynamic fixtures

That’s why Whole Foods Market asked Gabriel Logan to develop “Be Good to Your Whole Body” displays, which are now shipped automatically to all new stores opening in the U.S. “The strategy behind the units is to push any type of secondary products and to allow stores to merchandise as they see fit,” explains Andrea Wolfe, marketing program leader for Whole Foods Market.

The stands were designed by Gabriel Logan, and created to maximize display space within a small footprint. All four sides of the unit have hooks to hold chalkboards, and there is an acrylic box on top to display many products very visibly. The units are placed outside the aisles in high traffic areas.

“Think about when you shop,” notes Susan Oelker, associate coordinator of purchasing. “When you go into the grocery store, you get groceries. Unless you need it, you are not going to be looking for toothpaste or shampoo. That means you are less aware of great deals or other quality products we offer.

Getting customers’ attention

Gabriel Logan’s dynamic and flexible displays expose more shoppers to the Whole Body products. “We have challenges getting people into some of our departments,” observes Wolfe. “The thought process was to bring those center-of-the-store items to the perimeter where we see the most traffic.”

And when it’s time for a store to change displays, there’s no limit to the combinations of products adds Wolfe. “It varies by marketing promotion, so it could be anything from vitamins to cleansing kits, to body care like soaps. Everything goes on these displays.”

Surpasses the competition

In addition to being flexible and well crafted, Wolfe adds that the stands from Gabriel Logan are competitively priced. “We’ve had other companies see our stands and try to give us a new quote. Gabriel Logan’s have always been less expensive.”

Oelker is thrilled with the success of the displays. “Everybody understands the need to get Whole Body outside of its space and become more integrated with the rest of the store. We just haven’t always been able to execute that at a consistent level.” With the help of Gabriel Logan, Whole Foods Market is able to keep their stores’ displays dynamic, which is good for the customer and the bottom line.