Retail Store Shelving Ideas Best Practices for Any Store

Proper retail store shelving can serve an important purpose in any retail store. Whether you’re planning the setup of a new space, or want to revamp your store design, retail shelving isn’t something to be overlooked. Not only can the right retail shelving keep merchandise neat and organized, using shelving correctly can improve business in your store and leave a lasting impression on customers.

Don’t undermine the value of these critical store fixtures! Instead, try following these retail shelving best practices to improve sales and keep customers coming back for more.

Retail Shelving Best Practices

Showcase Seasonal Products with End Cap Display Shelving

If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your shelving displays, look no further than end caps. Retail end caps are placed at the end of aisle shelves that are typically found in grocery stores, general merchandise stores, and many specialty stores. They provide nice, large space for showcasing single price point items, plus offer a prime display area to cross-merchandise two complementary products in the same category. End cap displays and shelves are ideal for featuring seasonal items and work to draw in shoppers while encouraging them to pick up more merchandise.

Retail Shelving Tip! If you display more than one product on end cap shelves, always ensure that the items are either the same price, in the same product line, or in the same merchandise category to ensure more sales. For example, if your primary product is body sunscreen, you could cross merchandise the product with facial sunscreen from the same product line.

Display More Merchandise with Slatwall Shelves

Retail shelving should be versatile and free up store space. Slatwall provides a plethora of options for displaying more merchandise in any store setting; whether you have a large department store, or small specialty boutique. Slatwall systems can attach to any existing walls in your space to display a variety of items like clothing, shoes, accessories, prepackaged food products, general merchandise, and so much more. Because slatwall shelves allow you to display merchandise in a vertical fashion, customers will be able to find products quickly and have more space to comfortably browse items in your store.

Retail shelving tip! Slatwall is made of durable, lightweight material, so don’t be afraid to switch out shelves and merchandise each season to keep your store looking fresh and new.

Drive Impulse Purchases with Custom Cash Wrap Shelving

If you aren’t maximizing the merchandise display area of your retail cash wrap counter, you are surely missing out on more sales. When customers wait in line to make their purchases, they are more likely to “impulse buy” more items if the right products are prominently displayed in the checkout area. Custom cash wrap counters with display shelving can encourage more last-minute purchases at point of sale. While you can also display small impulse items on the checkout counter itself, cash wrap shelving will allow you to display even more items and free up counter space to give customers and staff a more comfortable checkout experience.

Retail Shelving Tip! If you’re unsure of which items to display on your cash wrap shelves, you can’t go wrong with small seasonal items, low-cost products, store gift cards, or snacks. 

Properly Display Products on Store Shelves

There is an art and science to displaying merchandise on your retail store shelves. No matter what type of store you have on your hands, displays should make products easily accessible to customers, and present merchandise in a visually-appealing way. Here’s how to display any product on your shelves to drive sales and leave a positive impression on customers:

  • Display Products by Size. Your merchandise should be handled with care — not stuffed to fit into a too-small space on shelves. Displaying products that are similar sizes on each section of retail shelving will ensure that customers will be able to easily remove items. If you must display products of varying sizes on one shelf, make sure to place small products in front of large ones so all items can be seen by customers.
  • Display Products by Color. To create a visually-stunning display, try placing merchandise that comes in similar colors on the same shelf. Or if you’re just filling one shelf with items of multiple colors, place complementary colors next to each other, or stack them to create a stunning color effect that draws customers in.
  • Place Must-Sell Products at Eye Level. These items can be competitive brands or seasonal merchandise. Placing products on shelves at eye-level ensures that your most popular items can be found by customers right away so they can make a quick purchase.
  • Display Related Products Together. Not only does this technique help customers find complementary items quickly, it can prompt them to purchase more merchandise. For example, if a customer walks into your store looking for winter gloves, it would make sense to also display winter hats and scarves on the same shelf.

More Retail Store Shelving Ideas

Retail shelving serves a great purpose in every store and can be optimized by following the best practices above. If you need more retail shelving ideas, our designers and manufacturers at Gabriel Logan are well-equipped to create custom retail fixtures to match your store decor. Whether you require end cap shelving, slatwall shelves, a custom cash wrap, or unique custom shelving units, we can deliver your unique vision. Request a quote for retail shelving today!