With every season comes a new occasion, holiday, or special day that sends consumers through the roof. It is best to be equipped and fully prepared with proper displays and fixtures to place your decorative materials and seasonal retail items up front and around the store.

Seasonal Displays

Front displays are most commonly fully covered in seasonal items with end caps being filled to the brim as well with seasonal products. It is best to place high margin seasonal items in front of the store and alongside the aisle so that they are readily available. Having seasonal items in reach will help items to sell more quickly and will allow you to be stuck with less out of season stock once the festivities are over. To avoid tons of markdowns and throwing away of items, keep front displays lively and eye-catching as well as retail friendly. If there isn’t much seasonal merchandise to display, try adding to the displays impulse items like gum, sodas, t-shirts, etc. that coincide with the theme and or colors! Gabriel Logan professionals are proudly located in Logan, Ohio, call us today!