Pegboard displays are great options to set up retail décor that is both affordable and functional. At Gabriel Logan we can build out a variety of pegboard displays that are created in various materials and serve as highly versatile solutions to showcase your goods. Pegboards are not only great options for interior shelves and displays but also for mobile retailers and tradeshow showcases! Here are some ways in which pegboard displays can be utilized to not only save space and money but to serve as a multipurpose resolution to showing off your products or store decorations.

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  1. Create large or small displays – Hook or press structural or crafted designs into a peg board display for a storefront window display or an easy-to-use indoor structure.
  2. Hang small products – Some retailers enjoy the eco-friendly and cost effective use of wooden pegboards for showcasing small accessories like jewelry and scarves. Hook and hang your latest accessories on a useful pegboard display for an effective display.
  3. Create store storage – Utilize pegboards beneath your checkout counters, in employee spaces, and more to hang and store frequently used items like tape or scissors.


Pegboard fixtures can be easy-to-use and can make for an inspirational canvas for use in any facet of your retail spaces. Call Gabriel Logan today for fixtures and displays both large and small or to create a custom quote for your business today!