Choosing the right retail fixtures for a store can make the difference between turning a profit and suffering a loss. Follow these tips to make sure you’re encouraging purchases and showing off your entire inventory.

Make it easy for customers to continue shopping

One of the most important things to consider when laying out your store is customer flow. It’s important to avoid blocking customers from certain areas of your store, minimizing their exposure to your complete inventory.

One way to maximize display area without impeding walkways is to install a slatwall system. These grooved wall coverings can be paired with hooks, shelves, baskets and more to accommodate a wide range of merchandise.

High quality fixtures will stand up over time

When choosing a fixture manufacturer, make sure that you ask about the quality of materials and workmanship. Investing in high quality pieces initially will save money in the long run and will help keep your space looking clean and sleek.

Questions to ask may include

  • Are your materials American made?
  • What type of craftsmen are assembling your units?
  • What quality control methods are used?

Choose fixtures that are as versatile as your inventory

Freestanding fixtures are a great way to display your products and reorganize your store as seasons and inventory changes.

4-way units feature 4 slated sides that pair with any of the same accessories as slatwall.

H-units feature shelves on two sides between end displays for hanging clothes or other long items.

Another versatile way to display product is nesting tables. These can be arranged in a variety of ways to fit your space and display almost anything.

Gabriel Logan offers a wide variety of custom and stock fixtures to fit any space. Contact us today to see how we can help you maximize your sales.