If you are looking for a new manufacturing contractor for your commercial designs, fixtures, and more having a reliable team and partnership is essential. Spending your businesses hard earned money on the right professionals and quality work is top priority. At Gabriel Logan we pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with well-crafted projects and designs. Here are a few things to check for when choosing a new manufacturing contractor!


  1. Affordable – Make sure your business has a set budget on design and fixture items. Once set, contact your manufacturer and stick to your budget without allowing yourself to go well over costs. Finding quality work within your budget will allow for smooth processing and a peace of mind with your business finances.
  2. Reviews – See what other businesses or consumers are saying about your manufacturer. Are they reliable? Timely? Pays attention to detail? Recommendations and reviews can go a long way in the world of manufacturing so even if you can’t check with an actual person try visiting the company’s website.
  3. Detail Oriented – To have a manufacturer pay attention to your businesses needs from budget to design, and more is key. Make sure you are expressing your needs and wants for designs and be sure to leave with assurance that your manufacturer is listening and can fully execute your desired results.
  4. Partnership – Manufacturing takes partnership and long-term commitment with business owners and the manufacturer. It is best to know that your manufacturer is interested in a partnership as opposed to quick money when it comes to your desires. Be sure to have open lines of communication and remain prompt in all of your approaches.
  5. If you are looking for a professional manufacturer in Logan, Ohio or surrounding areas, Gabriel Logan is your team. We are proud to serve and build upon the future of your business through quality design and lasting partnerships. Call us today for a quo