Display cubes can be an often overlooked access to a retail space when it comes to the many necessities of making your store inviting and profitable. Our collection of display cubes feature various sizes, colors, and finished to place as stand alone, stacked, or side-by-side accents in your space. Here are a few good reasons why placing display cubes throughout your store can be a feasible solution to not only décor but functionality and experience.


  1. Low-cost design – Display cubes are sold in versatile textures and hues and can be stacked or placed in unique ways that resemble fixtures and easy-to-move installations. When placed beautifully, a display cube or cluster of display cubes can become the perfect accent to a retail store.
  2. Break traffic – That’s right, stop your customers right in their tracks with sale items, featured products, or limited edition products placed directly along the path to designated aisles or areas in your store.
  3. Frequent change – Want to move your most recent display from the back of the room to a window front? Display cubes are lightweight and simple designs that are easy to move and can be frequently adjusted from time to time. As one of the most practical solutions to floor or table display spaces the cubes serves as a unique and easy to assemble showcase for a variety of products.


Shop our display cubes today and see how Gabriel Logan can help you on your journey to creating a welcoming and well-designed space for your customers!